Education for Sustainable Development

Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) is a major thrust of PILCD’s work and is a cross cutting framework in the development of its adult and community education programs. PILCD strongly believes that education is a cornerstone of human development and it has the power to effect meaningful change to address the challenges and risks brought by […]

Local Governance and Development

Empowered citizens and responsive government is essential in building inclusive societies. These program area aims to contribute in achieving good governance and expanding democratic participation of marginalized groups in the development of their communities. Specifically, the program works by developing projects and activities that will build capacities of local civil society and community-based organizations especially […]

Community-based Disaster Risk Reduction

Disasters result to physical, social and economic destruction of communities that cause serious economic impact on communities, and households. The acceleration of changing weather patterns due to global climate change aggravate further the underlying risk that many poor and developing countries are facing. Poor households and poor nations throughout the world face two disadvantages: the […]

Organic and Sustainable Agriculture

PILCD’s education project on sustainable agriculture started in the year 2003. It was crafted from the framework of “Continuing Education for Sustainable Development” anchored from two integrated perspectives. From an adult education perspective, it is a continuing education strategy where farmers are involved in continuing process of action-reflection experience to gradually transform themselves from conventional farmers to organic farming […]